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Search Results for s
Bloodbath Avenue Icon
4 Stars Icon
Bloodbath Avenue
Walk down the avenue smashing or slashing the zombies that cross your path.
Zombo Buster Icon
4 Stars Icon
Zombo Buster
Stand your ground and blast the zombies that attack from the side.
Deadman Zombie Rush Icon
4 Stars Icon
Deadman Zombie Rush
Run harder as a zombie, jump over obstacles and eliminate the zombie slayer.
Zombotron 2 Time Machine Icon
4 Stars Icon
Zombotron 2 Time Machine
Play as a space soldier and shoot any zombies that cross your path.
Zombie Removes Head Icon
4 Stars Icon
Zombie Removes Head
Guide a zombie across platforms, collect gold coins and remove its head if necessary, to reach the exit.
Zombie Exterminators Icon
4 Stars Icon
Zombie Exterminators
Drive and shoot down zombies in the city streets.
Priest vs Zombies Icon
4 Stars Icon
Priest vs Zombies
Club the street zombies or blast them with a gun before they devour you.
TNT Zombies Arsenal Icon
4 Stars Icon
TNT Zombies Arsenal
Plant explosives, create reactions and use physics to blow up all the zombies standing on platforms.
Dead and Forsaken Icon
4 Stars Icon
Dead and Forsaken
Shoot at zombies with a crossbow, fill them with arrows and send them to hell.
Death Penalty Hat Trick or Treat  Icon
4 Stars Icon
Death Penalty Hat Trick or Treat
Man Utd vs Undead Chelsea. Kick soccer balls at zombies and watch out for witches on broomsticks
Zombie Goes Up Icon
4 Stars Icon
Zombie Goes Up
Guide a zombie tunneling through the earth around obstacles and collect bones.
Zombie Hero Icon
4 Stars Icon
Zombie Hero
Defend your side of the street against the zombies using a baseball bat or gun.
Zombie Impaler Icon
4 Stars Icon
Zombie Impaler
Shoot all the zombies on each level with a bow and arrows.
Infectonator Hot Chase Icon
4 Stars Icon
Infectonator Hot Chase
Run down the street as a zombie an infect as many people as possible in your path.
Earn to Die 2 Icon
4 Stars Icon
Earn to Die 2
Drive a firetruck over obstacles and zombies before you run out of gas.
Zombudoy 2 Icon
4 Stars Icon
Zombudoy 2
Throw snowballs at the zombie santas to prevent them from stealing your Christmas presents.
Smashz Icon
4 Stars Icon
Drop heavy loads on the zombies below as Bob the construction worker.
Final Siege Icon
4 Stars Icon
Final Siege
Defend the city against zombies by positioning turrets, guards and machine gun towers along the road.
Zombie Takedown Icon
4 Stars Icon
Zombie Takedown
Shoot down the approaching zombies before they reach you
Zombies on Wheels Icon
4 Stars Icon
Zombies on Wheels
Shoot flying zombies while riding in a shopping cart.
Zombie Rider Icon
4 Stars Icon
Zombie Rider
Drive a motorcycle or ATV as a zombie over challenging inclines and collect pickups.
Dead Zed 2 Icon
4 Stars Icon
Dead Zed 2
Shoot the walking zombies before they invade you space.
Kingdom of Zombies Icon
4 Stars Icon
Kingdom of Zombies
Guide an army of knights against groups of zombies.
Pillow City Revelation Icon
4 Stars Icon
Pillow City Revelation
Explore an infested city and destroy all the zombies.
Zombies Dead Land Icon
4 Stars Icon
Zombies Dead Land
Shoot to kill and take no prisoners in ZombieLand.
Zombies Brazen Icon
4 Stars Icon
Zombies Brazen
Glide on a surf board powered by a parachute and avoid all the zombies.
Atomic Zombie Motocross Icon
4 Stars Icon
Atomic Zombie Motocross
Drive a motocross over obstacles as a zombie and complete all levels in the shortest time.
Bazooki Pocalypse Icon
4 Stars Icon
Bazooki Pocalypse
Shoot a bazooka at the zombies and eliminate them.
Endless Night Icon
4 Stars Icon
Endless Night
Shoot down zombies from the top of a farmhouse.
Zombie Pickup Survival Icon
4 Stars Icon
Zombie Pickup Survival
Drive a car to the stranded cars and pick up the people before zombies atta
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