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Search Results for k
Zombie Ramming Icon
4 Stars Icon
Zombie Ramming
Drive your car over the attacking zombies and crush the undeads.
Zombie Blitz Icon
4 Stars Icon
Zombie Blitz
Shoot down hordes of attacking zombies using a shotgun.
Flaming Zombooka 2 Icon
4 Stars Icon
Flaming Zombooka 2
Shoot all zombies on each unique level with your big bazooka.
Zombie Trailer Park Icon
4 Stars Icon
Zombie Trailer Park
Create salvage yards and use redneck fighting skills to fend off zombies.
Undead Rampage Icon
4 Stars Icon
Undead Rampage
Plays like Boxhead as you shoot waves of hungry zombies.
Mother Judgement Icon
4 Stars Icon
Mother Judgement
Play as a nun and let your gun do the talking. Shoot zombies crawling out of the earth before they devour you.
Christmas Zombie Icon
4 Stars Icon
Christmas Zombie
Play as Zombie Santa! Click on the flying Santas, witches or UFOs to blow them up!
Fly Zombie Fly Icon
4 Stars Icon
Fly Zombie Fly
Launch the zombie hanging from the gibbet and make him fly farther.
Bite Jacker Icon
4 Stars Icon
Bite Jacker
Fight and shoot down the waves of attacking zombies.
The Sagittarian Icon
4 Stars Icon
The Sagittarian
Answer questions correctly or become zombie food.
Radio Zed Icon
4 Stars Icon
Radio Zed
Shoot all the zombies attacking the radio transmitter.
Night of the Cursed Icon
4 Stars Icon
Night of the Cursed
Fight alongside Ella and shoot to kill the oncoming zombies.
Zombie Splatter Icon
4 Stars Icon
Zombie Splatter
Shoot and splatter more zombie brains to earn a higher rank.
Stark Raving Ted Icon
4 Stars Icon
Stark Raving Ted
Play as crazy Ted and shoot zombies and aliens in this side scrolling shooter.
Zombie Korps Icon
4 Stars Icon
Zombie Korps
Shoot fast walking zombies roaming the area and protect survivors.
Impale Icon
4 Stars Icon
Launch the zombie rag dolls at spikes and hooks and impale them.
The Sagittarian II Icon
4 Stars Icon
The Sagittarian II
Fight or avoid the Drifter, Sleeper, Exploder and Hard to Kill Runner zombies.
Zombie Safari Icon
4 Stars Icon
Zombie Safari
Shoot at jungle zombies from the back of a safari truck.
Viral Outbreak Icon
4 Stars Icon
Viral Outbreak
Exterminate waves of stickmen zombies using a knife, pistol and more deadly weapons.
Zombie Task Force Icon
4 Stars Icon
Zombie Task Force
Guide the Lemming zombies to the brains and reach the transporter.
Zombie Physics Icon
4 Stars Icon
Zombie Physics
Use physics and move blocks around to detonate bombs and blow up zombies.
Zombies in the Shadows The Saviour Icon
4 Stars Icon
Zombies in the Shadows The Saviour
Search for lost family members and shoot up zombies lurking in the shadows before they attack.
Zombie Krul Icon
4 Stars Icon
Zombie Krul
A top-down shooter where you walk through mazes and shoot zombies.
Zombie Cop Icon
4 Stars Icon
Zombie Cop
Shoot up zombies attacking from all directions and patrol your beat.
Rabbits Cemetery Icon
4 Stars Icon
Rabbits Cemetery
Shoot at zombie rabbits, bats and owls before they attack.
Zombie Knight Icon
4 Stars Icon
Zombie Knight
Battle corrupt zombies as a zombie knight and avenge your death!
Last Line of Defense Icon
4 Stars Icon
Last Line of Defense
Shoot at walking zombies using a machine gun and earn weapon upgrades.
Zombies in the Shadows Act 2 Icon
4 Stars Icon
Zombies in the Shadows Act 2
Help Jim save his wife from the zombies lurking in the shadows. Shoot them from a chopper.
Zombie Cage Icon
4 Stars Icon
Zombie Cage
Defend your chicks, but shooting and blowing zombie brains out.
Insectonator Zombie Mode Icon
4 Stars Icon
Insectonator Zombie Mode
Smash zombies like insects using different weapons.
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